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"Breakfast Invat.tur " is a project that aims to create a forum debate through the participation of professionals in fields pioneersrelated to tourism management and thus bring our businessProfessional and tourism sector to different realities.

At the same time means that employers and professionals have access and contacts with specialized experts in each field ofdebate, in order to learn and implement new strategies andtools for tourism management and therefore to improve thetourism competitiveness.'s " Breakfast Invat.tur "consists ofsession of about 2 hours, which exposes the skilled artisanand analyzes a subject and subsequently interact and debate with participants.

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· Marzo: Qué es un influencer y qué papel juega en el marketing online son dos preguntas que encontrarán respuesta en el próximo Desayuno Invat·tur que tendrá lugar el 15 de marzo a las diez de la mañana. Tras la exposición, a cargo del CEO de Brandmanic Luis Soldevila, se presentará una herramienta de gestión para campañas 360º.


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