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The Invat.tur works as a R & D outsourced Valencian tourism businesses. The facilities offeredthe tourism sector for the development of specific projects.

Invat.tur develops R + D + i independently or in collaboration with other research centers. De priority, arise research projects linked to businesses and destinationsTravel, to ensure cooperation between the Invat.tur, thedifferent research centers, institutes and technologicaltourism businesses.



The actions in R + D + i developed by Invat.tur pursue promote a culture of innovation in the management of tourism enterprises of Valencia. The axis on which revolves are:

  • Development of guidelines in R + D + i adapted to the needs of the tourism sector, in collaboration with public and private institutions

  • Support for education and training of future professionals tour of Valencia

Among the actions carried out by the Invat.tur on support for R & D include:

  • Strategic Innovation Agenda of Valencia: itineraries technological hotels, restaurants and travel agencies.

  • Collaboration Grants Program of the Department of Tourism: Lines R + D + i and Tourist Products

  • Research grants linked to the strategic lines of action of Invat.tur, and in collaboration with research centers and universities of Valencia.

  • Design and implementation of their own projects and in collaboration with others research

  • Collaboration in research activities in R + D + i and associations universities

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